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Marcellus Shale

The effects of the Marcellus Shale on Pennsylvania's economy are far-reaching and offer huge growth opportunities for CPAs. PICPA wants to provide members with tools to maximize opportunities and best serve clients and communities.

Background & Education
Recent Developments and Legislation
  • Act 13 of 2012
    Act 13 of 2012 enacted stronger environmental standards, authorized local governments to adopt an impact fee and built upon the state's ongoing efforts to move towards energy independence as unconventional gas development continues.
  • New DEP proposes new rules for shale industry
    Read a summary of the proposed changes. pdf
  • Sales and Use Tax Issues for Mining Site Preparation pdf
    Dept. of Revenue releases sales and use tax guidance.
  • Oil and Gas FAQs
    Oil and gas FAQs are now posted under the "Oil and Gas Taxation Issues" category on the Dept. of Revenue's website.
  • Marcellus Shale Final Report
    Lt. Governor Jim Cawley releaed the final report of the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission, taking the first step toward developing a comprehensive and strategic plan for responsible gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

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Tim Gooch, CPA, discusses enhanced fracking technology in PICPA's "Beyond the Copy."

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