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Below are helpful tips from CPAs for individuals and business owners getting ready to prepare your federal and state tax returns.

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What You Need Before You Start Your Taxes

Here is a checklist of items you should have ready before you start your taxes, whether you’re meeting with a tax preparer or doing them yourself. Some specific items below may not apply for all filers.

Tax Advice from CPAs

Three Pennsylvania CPAs give advice on itemizing or taking the standard deduction, why it's important to visit a CPA year-round, and advice they are currently giving their clients.

5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Tax Preparer

It's so important to choose a tax preparer who really knows their stuff. Here are some of the common mistakes when making this choice and some helpful solutions.

Top 10 Reasons a CPA Should Prepare Your Tax Return

From the Alternative Minimum Tax to the Affordable Care Act, these top ten reasons are why you should have a CPA prepare your tax return.


Your Tax Return: What Could Go Wrong?

Every year mistakes are made on tax returns. What kinds of errors should you watch for?

When Do You Need a CPA?

Here are just five situations when you should really consider hiring a professional.

Affordable Care Act Part Deux: Income Taxes!

Affordable Care Act provisions will debut on your tax return for the first time this year. Get advice from Judy Herron, CPA on how this affects your tax filing.

What You Should Know about Taxes and Social Security Benefits

Will your tax bill this year include taxes on your Social Security benefits?

Small-Business Owners

Money & Life TV - Small-Business Tax Tips

Ken Yoder, manager of corporate tax at ParenteBeard, discusses independent contractor vs. employee, the Affordable Care Act tax credit, and repair regulations.

Four Tax Tips for Small-Business Owners

Although each small business is unique, you can be sure that they have a common desire to minimize taxes and make the most of the deductions for which they qualify.

Tackling Taxes if You're Self-Employed

CPAs answers some of the most frequent questions about taxes and self-employment, and offers tips that can help you lower your tax bill.

A Guide to Pennsylvania Business Privilege and Mercantile Taxes pdf

Here is a brief update on the Business Privilege and Mercantile Tax, just one of the local taxes applicable to businesses operating in Pennsylvania.

Tax Deadline - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Extensions for filing are available, but the amount of tax you owe is required by the April 15 due date.

Free Tax Forms

The IRS will no longer mail paper income tax booklets to you. There are free options to obtain paper forms, including:

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