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Business Management

Small Business Owners Beware: Not Reporting Income Paid to Vendors Can Be Costly
Most individuals receive an IRS Form 1099 – Miscellaneous Income (1099s) early each calendar...
Don’t Guess When It Comes to Worker Classifications
The classification of workers as either employees or independent contractors is one of the most...

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College Savings

Tax Credits that Can Help Lower College Costs
Are you looking for ways to minimize the costs of higher education? The average cost of tuition...
It's College Textbook Time: Things to Consider before Classes Begin
Buying college textbooks used to be simple: professors told you what books to buy, and you went...

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Credit and Debt Management

Get Out of Debt (and Stay Out)
Are you carrying a large amount of debt? On average, American households have about $15,000 of...
Make a Rewarding Credit Card Choice
You're ready to sign up for a new credit card that seems to promise a host of appealing rewards....

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Homeownership and Mortgage

Identity Theft

Fraud Prevention for Seniors
While seniors make up 11 percent of the population, they represent 30 percent of consumer fraud...
Guard Against Tax Return ID Theft
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes nationwide, and tax refund fraud caused by...

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Medical Coverage While Traveling Overseas
The summer vacation season may be winding down, but thousands of people travel overseas each day...
Deciphering Health Insurance Requirements
You can't put it off any longer: As of Jan. 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all...

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Personal Finance

Don't Fight Over Finances
When couples argue, what are they most likely fighting about? You may not be surprised to learn...
Who’s Teaching Your Kids about Money?
If you take the time to teach your children about money, that’s fantastic. If you’re not, know...

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Retirement Savings and Management

Don’t Let Unexpected Costs Ruin Your Retirement
Determining how much you’ll need in retirement for housing, food, and other fixed expenses may...
Tips for Couples on Managing Social Security Benefits
About 59 million people receive Social Security benefits, according to the Social Security...

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Appealing an IRS Decision
Many people do not know what to do if they disagree with an IRS determination about their taxes....
The Ins and Outs of Filing a Tax Extension
Sometimes April 15 rolls around faster than expected. Despite the best of intentions,...

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