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The Pennsylvania CPA Journal is the flagship publication of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Published quarterly, this striking, four-color publication provides updates on technical issues in the profession and reports on current developments and programs offered by the PICPA. CPAs across Pennsylvania turn to it for practical, timely information and news about the accounting profession.  



Cyber Security Is a Strategic Defense You Need
Cyber threats are often viewed as being in one of two groups: annoying e-mails from a “Nigerian prince” who would happily give you a million dollars if you just provide your bank account details, or international cyber experts going head-to-head...
Risk: Leverage it. Control It. Win!
Does your organization have a vision? A strategic plan? Of course it does. But if you want to help your organization achieve its objectives without too many surprises – and want to be prepared to deal with those surprises that occur anyway – then...

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