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The Pennsylvania CPA Journal is the flagship publication of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Published quarterly, this striking, four-color publication provides updates on technical issues in the profession and reports on current developments and programs offered by the association. CPAs across Pennsylvania turn to it for practical, timely information and news about the accounting profession.  



COSO II: The Transition
By J. Stephen McNally  CPA A decade ago, the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance clock was ticking quickly as many U.S. public companies were aggressively documenting, testing, and enhancing their internal controls over external financial reporting and...
Expert Witness Needs Expert Preparation
By James A. Stavros, CPA, CFF Legendary football coach Bum Phillips once said, "An expert is an ordinary fella away from home." Let us assume your “home” in recent years has been in the area of providing tax and accounting...
To C or Not to C? That Is the Question: The C Corp Conundrum
By John B. Stine II, CPA, and Meghan R. Jodz, CPA For the first time in a decade, the top tax rates for individuals and corporations are not equal. The once unthinkable question arises: should private business owners consider converting their...

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    New Transition for COSO

    Listen to J. Stephen McNally as he discusses his Spring 2014 feature.

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