What are some small things that I can do to save money?

by Jacquelyn M. Basso, CPA | Jan 01, 2013

askacpaicon I know it’s important to save, but I cannot make any big deposits right now.

For many Americans, saving money is not a top priority. There are, however, a number of ways you can save a little money with minimal effort and financial discipline.

  • Every month, pay yourself a little by allocating a small portion of your budget to savings.
  • Shop community banks for the best rate on a checking, savings, or money market account. A full percentage rate increase or more would earn you extra money.
  • Estimate outstanding debt, especially credit cards. Consider refinancing higher interest rate debt to lower interest rate loans. Always pay off higher interest rate debt first.
  • Shop around for the best auto insurance rate.
  • Contribute to a company’s 401(k) plan if you can. Try to contribute as much as your company will match, if they offer such a benefit. This is “free money.”
  • Skip the morning latte and pack your lunch.
  • Find more money-saving tips at 360financialliteracy.org.

Answer By: Jacquelyn M. Basso, CPA, is owner of J. M. Basso & Associates in Downingtown.

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