Should I withdraw from my investment portfolio as I'm getting closer to retirement?

by Curtis A. Farrow, CPA | Feb 10, 2017
askacpaiconI have an investment portfolio in mostly American funds. I’m withdrawing from those funds to live. It was suggested that I refinance my home for an amount that would provide a savings that I could access rather than withdrawing from my portfolio. I do plan on living in my home indefinitely, and I am close to retirement. Please advise.

There are many factors to consider when addressing your situation, such as the cost to do a refinance, the structure of your investment portfolio, the type of account the investments are held in, as well as the purpose of the account, your age and risk tolerance, tax status, among others. I recommend consulting a financial planner to help you determine the best steps to take based on your circumstances.

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Answered by: Curtis A. Farrow, CPA, is a senior financial analyst with GBQ Consulting LLC in Philadelphia.
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