Will my mom’s tax return be rejected if she claimed me even though I indicated on my return that I wasn’t claimed by another?

by Michael G. Radich, CPA, MST | Feb 15, 2019

I accidentally checked that I couldn't be claimed as a dependent on my return, but my mom is claiming me. Will her return be rejected? 

If you claimed yourself as a dependent and subsequently your parent claims you as well, the following will happen:

  1. Both you and your mother will receive identical notices from the IRS, and these notices will need to be responded to with proper documentation.
  2. If you filed before your mom, her return will be rejected from e-filing, meaning that it will need to be paper filed. A rejected federal return usually means that the state return will also be rejected, though not always.
  3. Whoever can be proven to have improperly taken the exemption could be subject to an audit by the IRS.

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Answered by: Michael G. Radich, CPA, MST, is managing shareholder with MGR CPA & Consultants PC in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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