Will I be able to file Pennsylvania taxes with a New Jersey driver’s license?

by Robert D. Hornick, CPA | May 24, 2019

askacpaiconI am living and working in Pennsylvania for one year (first job after graduation). After that year, I plan to either settle officially in Pennsylvania or change states. I would like to hold off on switching my driver’s license until I know where we are officially going to settle. Will I be able to file Pennsylvania taxes with a New Jersey driver’s license?

Up until now, taxpayers have been able to file (e-File) Pennsylvania personal income tax returns without the requirement that they have a Pennsylvania or any other state driver’s license. We have not been notified of any proposed change in that stance to date. Please be aware that some tax preparation software or tax preparers may request a valid driver’s license for identification purposes.

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Answered by: Robert D. Hornick, CPA, is with Hornick & Associates LLC in Philadelphia.

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