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Mar 15, 2018

Analyzing Tax Reform Changes to the Pass-Through Income Deduction

*Among the provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are changes to the pass-through income deduction. And they are perhaps the most confusing. Barry Groebel, CPA, tax partner with Herbein + Company in Reading, explains the nuances and exceptions that further complicate pass-through income deductions for businesses. For more information on 2017's landmark federal tax reform, check out the Federal Tax Reform Guide presented by the Pennsylvania CPA Journal.

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By: Jim DeLuccia, PICPA Communications Manager

*An update on this topic appeared in "PICPA’s CPA Conversations Podcasts Celebrates 100,000 Downloads" on Dec. 23, 2019.


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  • Barry Groebel | Mar 28, 2018

    Hello Joanne,

    I believe the general feeling is that the Qualified Business Income Deduction could apply to rental income. However, there may be a question regarding whether a rental income activity is a "trade or business". Some commentators have suggested that a typically triple net lease activity may not be considered a "trade or business". Hopefully the IRS will issue additional guidance, perhaps with regulations, that will clarify this issue. For now, I plan to assume that most rentals would qualify.

    I hope this helps.

    Barry Groebel

  • Joanne Natale | Mar 28, 2018

    great info - do we know if the deduction applies to rental income?


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