Jun 01, 2016

New Faces Needed at Day on the Hill

Joel Jukus, CPABy Joel L. Jukus, CPA

For certified public accountants, it is crucial that we make sure our voice is heard in the political process. Lawmakers make decisions that impact every profession and industry, many of which are our clients. It is important that our profession helps to influence these decisions to make sure the best policies are being implemented. The PICPA's Day on the Hill provides us with a great opportunity to do this.

I have been attending this event for eight years, and when I look around the room of attendees it is rare that I see members under 40. I wonder why that is? Legislators are definitely courting the younger voters. Plus, the political insight you get from attending this event and then speaking to clients and employers intelligently about the local issues can easily translate into demonstrating a real knowledge of the business and political climate that may affect the bottom line.

I feel that my involvement has helped make a difference. Many of the positions we have advocated for eventually were adopted by the Pennsylvania legislature and the Commonwealth. I look forward to attending this year's Day on the Hill, and hope that when I look around the room I’ll see a lot more faces that belong to my generation. We are the future. We need to start shaping what the future will look like.

Joel L. Jukus, CPA, serves as comptroller for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and is a former chair of the Dauphin County Young Republicans. Jukus is a graduate of Bloomsburg University.

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