Jul 24, 2012

Work to Play – What Is Your Next Great Destination?

By Mike Colgan, PICPA Executive Director and CEO

I have just returned from an almost week-long AICPA meeting, Interchange, in St. Louis, Mo. where I and other members of the PICPA management team had an opportunity to meet with our peers from other state societies and the AICPA. We discussed current state society initiatives, accounting issues and association management trends. We also share best practices. I have attended this event over the past 15 years and it is always an outstanding opportunity for some face-to-face networking with leadership within the accounting profession.

Sea Isle pictureOn the way home, I consider several thought-provoking ideas that may benefit PICPA. Invariably, my thoughts drift to my upcoming vacation – a family excursion to the New Jersey shore which my family has been taking for the last 30 years. It is always during the first week of August, so its timing every year is just after Interchange. It is amazing how many familiar faces I see during this week in Sea Isle City that also have been traveling there for the past 30 years. My networking shifts from work to play.

Work to play, an important concept for everyone who is employed. It is important to take time to recharge your batteries, and remember that work-life balance is critical to helping you achieve success in whatever career you have chosen. As I write this I also think about other vacations I have taken over the years. A trip to Spain and Italy to visit my daughter when she studied abroad; a combination 50th birthday, 25th wedding anniversary trip to Pebble Beach and the California wine country; island excursions to Bermuda and the Bahamas; the obligatory trip to Disney World with my daughter when she was young, were among the more memorable.

How about you? What are some of the best vacation trips you have made? Do you have any suggestions for our readers of can’t miss spots they should consider to help recharge their batteries? Maybe your suggestion will be someone’s next memorable trip!

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