Nov 11, 2013

How Do You Spell G-r-a-t-i-t-u-d-e?

By Mike Colgan, PICPA Executive Director and CEO

Well, there is really only one way to spell gratitude, but there are many ways to express it. As we get closer to the end of the year and the beginning of the holiday season, I find myself reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead. But before I get too far ahead of myself, I need to express some gratitude for the reason the PICPA exists – our members!

PIU photoRecently, PICPA President Bob Firely and I had the pleasure of interacting with more than 600 members (over 1,000 including webinars) as we traversed Pennsylvania to present our Professional Issues Update program. In addition to covering more than 1,500 miles in an eight-day stretch, we covered the top issues affecting the profession and how they might impact your success. The trends we discussed – whether technical, regulatory, legislative, technological, or educational – create many opportunities for CPAs to position themselves as thought-leaders with your clients or businesses. Look over a copy of our slide deck, and feel free to contact me on any of these issues. I believe this is a great time to be a member of the profession as change all around us creates opportunities to enhance your relationship as a trusted advisor. I sincerely thank the members who participated and took the time to share their thoughts and concerns about the many issues they confront on a daily basis.

Bob and I also discussed key PICPA-driven initiatives, including new leadership development programs for students and members, diversity within the profession, on-demand continuing education, image enhancement, and sustainability of the pipeline of students into the profession. The PICPA is fortunate to have more than 1,600 members who participate in leadership or on committees and task forces that drive these initiatives. Without these members’ engagement we would struggle to identify and address those issues that are most important to your success. I cannot thank these members enough for providing one of their most valuable resources – time – to further PICPA’s mission.

Members participate in Read to Kids program.PICPA members volunteered for the Invest in Reading program this October to spread financial literacy to 2nd and 3rd graders.

PICPA members have always had a strong commitment to community service. Whether it is financial literacy outreach, to participation in holiday fundraisers for charities, to working in a soup kitchen or providing blankets in hospitals, CPAs provide countless hours within their communities to help those less fortunate or in need of your expertise. At each and every event, member participation enhances the image of CPAs, and every member of the profession owes a debt of gratitude to those who take part.

We welcome all members to think about the traditional engagement opportunities above, but know that there are many other ways to give back to the profession and enhance your personal and professional skills. Perhaps you would like to speak to students about careers in accounting or discuss pending legislation with your local legislator. You could author an article for our Pennsylvania CPA Journal or even this blog, or you could tweet from one of our programs. Your engagement is limited only by your imagination!

Thank you to all PICPA members for your support, and a special thanks to those who make a difference and participate in their profession! What is your imagination telling you to do?

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