Dec 22, 2014

Paper or Electronic, Make Your Holiday Cards Meaningful

By Lori Braden, PICPA's Vice President, Strategic Marketing

mailboxI love to get mail. This time of the year my home mailbox is overflowing with retail catalogs and holiday cards. I can’t wait to get home and see what my mail carrier delivered. But I can’t say the same about my office mail.  While I appreciate the sentiment, I find most corporate holiday cards to be impersonal and generic. I’m not alone. According to a recent article in Fast Company, James Hirschfeld, co-founder of Paperless Post, says, “This is going to sound funny coming from a guy who’s in the business of selling greeting cards, but the most important question to ask yourself is why you are sending a card in the first place. There is absolutely nothing worse than receiving a perfunctory greeting from a business.”

Hirschfeld goes on to say that a successful holiday card, paper or electronic, should be personal, original, and thoughtful. He recommends selecting a paper or electronic option based on what your brand stands for and what you value as an organization.

The PICPA switched to a holiday e-card several years ago. It’s a unique opportunity to send a video message to all 22,000 members. Take a look at our past e-cards in the gallery below.

This year our video card highlights the “12 Ways We’re Giving” to the tune of the classic “12 Days of Christmas” song. It’s a snapshot of the PICPA members who volunteer thousands of hours each year in their communities. The card also invites CPAs to join in our first-ever Week of Service in 2015.

Click to view PICPA’s 2014 Holiday Card

What is your personal preference? What does your firm or company send? Better yet, send me a link to your card or message. I’d love to see how creative you are.

Past Holiday Greetings



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