Jun 18, 2015

My CPA Is Better than Your H&R Block Preparer and Your Intuit Software

By Lori Braden, PICPA's Vice President, Strategic Marketing

footballYou probably have your favorite commercials that aired during the Super Bowl. The ones that made you laugh or brought a tear to your eye. I have a few of those myself. There’s one that I found particularly annoying: the guy with the green bow tie in the H&R Block commercials. Whenever I hear him cackle, “Get your billion back America,” I roll my eyes. Based on the number of taxpayers in the U.S., I can’t image that billion amounts to very much per person. Not to mention, I’m always skeptical of those storefronts that pop up for only a few months a year, like those Halloween Costume warehouses that stand vacant on Nov. 1.

There was also the “It’s amazing what you can do” commercials from Intuit’s TurboTax. I’m a sucker for storytelling like this. Carefree newlyweds, a newborn and her bleary eyed parents, a new house under construction, all those magical events that tug at heartstrings. I understand the premise—you, too, can confidently prepare your taxes as you reminisce about the last 365 days. Tax prep is delightful!

istock_000013582532largeBut we know that it’s never that easy. Certified public accountants (CPAs) are highly trained, licensed professionals available all year long to help individuals and businesses meet their financial goals. CPAs support clients well beyond tax season. It’s not merely a transactional relationship. A CPA stands beside his or her clients through all phases of their life. Whether it’s financial planning now that you’re married, opening a 529 plan for your toddler, or even starting the countdown to retirement, CPAs can help you get there. Sure, CPAs do taxes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even better, they’ll be there after April 16. If you don’t know a CPA, I know where you can find one: www.ineedaCPA.org.

Many readers of this blog are CPAs. And since PICPA doesn’t have a Super Bowl-sized budget, you can help spread the word and help consumers. Check out our consumer tax help page with tips, videos, and brochures.  Add them to your website, include them in your newsletters, and forward them to your family and friends.

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