May 02, 2016

Round Out Our Top 10 List

Mike Colgan, PICPA CEOBy Michael D. Colgan, CEO and Executive Director

What would your summary of the PICPA’s recent activities look like? The caveat: you only have one page. Well we took a crack at it but had to stop at number nine. Sure, we could have dropped the point size and fit in 50 more, but nobody would have been able to read it.

The list was inspired by PICPA’s April 20 Council meeting, where we reviewed current programs and planned for the future. The day-long meeting provided opportunities for Council to present summaries of research they conducted over the past several months and to discuss topics that will have a direct impact on your profession, your career, and your professional organization. Topics included Emerging Practice Areas, The Evolving Role of Corporate Finance, Future of Learning, Future of Advocacy, and “Pipeline of the Profession.”

Council Meeting, April 2016

At PICPA’s April 20, 2016, Council meeting, members reviewed current programs and planned for the future. Here, Lisa Myers (r) asks a question of the Pipeline Task Force presenters.

During the course of the discussions, we frequently turned to current programs and upcoming opportunities. The list is extensive, but I wanted to share a quick update with you. That’s where the one-page challenge came from. Here’s a snapshot of the discussion:

  1. Inspire Future CPAs
  2. “More Clients, More Talent, More Revenue: The Business Case and Toolkit for Diversity in Accounting”
  3. CFO Roundtables
  4. Property Tax Reform Clarification
  5. Technology, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics
  6. PICPA Week of Service Sept. 19 – 25
  7. Quarterly Meetings with the Department of Revenue
  8. Day on the Hill, June 8
  9. PICPA’s Scholarship Fund

You can find summaries, contact information, and links on our 9 Things You Need to Know sheet.

As I mentioned in the opening, the goal was to provide a one-page sheet, which is why our top 10 list only has nine items. If we created a longer sheet of paper, what would you suggest for number 10? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on which success or opportunity should also be highlighted.

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