Jun 20, 2016

Say No to Irrelevant E-mails

Lori BradenBy Lori Braden, vice president, strategic marketing

This subject line appeared in my inbox this morning: HUD Bed Bug Guidelines. As a marketing professional in the accounting industry, I have no idea why I’m receiving this e-mail. I’m sure you’re no stranger to this experience. Often I just hit delete, but when I’m really having a bad day I’ll go for the unsubscribe.

E-mail is an essential element of the PICPA marketing and communications plan, but we’re also keenly aware of how important it is to respect your inbox.  Through e-mail we can quickly and cost-effectively share regulatory and legislative updates, new CPE opportunities, and fun chapter events. Yes, sometimes we’re so excited to share the news we may go overboard. Sometimes. 😉

Let’s make a deal. I’ll only send you e-mails about the topics you care about—the ones that help you do your job better, alert you to breaking news, invite you to special events, or help you maintain your license—but you need to tell me what you care about. It’s not hard. You can do it online in a matter of moments.

PICPA Areas of InterestFollow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your PICPA account and check out your profile. Is your company correct? Preferred mailing address? You’d be shocked at the number of PICPA member who don’t share their company affiliation. This is so important to your member account. If you don’t remember your password, call our Resource Center at (215) 496-9272. Rosa and Steph will help you.
  2. Tell me your specialty areas and interests. Not only will this focus the e-mails you receive, but your interests also help us develop new conferences, write articles for the Web or the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, and much more. Take 10 seconds to click a few boxes. This will make a big difference. You can pick golf outings, speaking to students, industries such as pharma and agribusiness, or topics such as big data and cybersecurity.
  3. Visit your communication preferences. You can unsubscribe from e-mails you no longer wish to receive or subscribe to the digital version of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal and Legislative Update.

The PICPA never sells or shares your e-mail address, so don’t let that deter you from updating your profile and sharing your e-mail address. Say no to irrelevant e-mails, and update your PICPA account.

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