Mar 20, 2017

The 2017 Tax Season Final Stretch: Refunds, Extensions, and Looking Forward

By Maureen Renzi, vice president - communications

MoneyLife100This year’s tax filing deadline is April 18, 2017. In March there is a mix of different types of filers: those who have already filed their tax return and are spending or waiting for their refunds; those who dread the task and are putting it off because they either owe money or just aren’t organized; and those who are not quite ready to move on to spring and are reviewing their return for signs of what they could have planned for better. Regardless of which one you might be, members of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs have identified tax issues and resources that can help you right now.

Waiting for Your Tax Refund

Everyone loves a tax refund. If you are expecting a fat check from the IRS, here are some tips on how to spend it. There are also tips on how to reduce that refund and put more money in your pocket all year long.

Postponing Filing Your Tax Return

Whether you are waiting to file your return because you owe money or because you just haven’t had the time to prepare it, here are some links to help ensure that it is timely and correct.

tax formsUncovering Clues in Your Tax Return

Tax returns are a great source of information for future planning. They serve as a record of what you have earned and spent, and there are specific rules about what you need to maintain. Before you file away your return and clean out your records, know what you need to keep.

Some Pennsylvania State Tax Tips

When individuals cross state lines to go to work, unique tax challenges often follow. CPAs have put together tips for Pennsylvania residents living and working in different states.

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