Oct 02, 2017

Just Showing Up Is the No. 1 Rule for Volunteers. You Can Do That, Right?

Meg Killian, VP Member RelationsBy Megan Killian, vice president – member relations

Do you want to get involved with the PICPA but aren’t sure what’s expected of you? Relax. It’s not complicated at all. Here’s what you should know about being a PICPA leadership volunteer:

First and foremost, just show up. Attend your committee meetings and events. Don’t be concerned about the time commitment. For most volunteers, there are only a few meetings and events a year, with minimal preparation required.

chapter leaders take oathKnow that the PICPA team is here to support you. There is an entire team of association professionals ready to help our volunteers plan networking events, draft comment letters, deliver financial literacy presentations to the community, develop professional education programs, and more.

Bring your colleagues. Our volunteer leaders are ambassadors for the PICPA. Most members get involved because another member encouraged them.

Don’t overextend yourself. It’s OK to say no when you feel like you can’t do something. It’s better to say no earlier rather than back away from a commitment later.

Remember you are a steward of the PICPA. Sometimes personal agendas drive change and answer needs, but decisions should be made based on what is in the best interest of the wider membership.

Ready to jump right in? The nomination period for PICPA leadership positions is open through Oct. 31. If you want to get involved in state or chapter leadership, consider nominating yourself (or a colleague) for an elected volunteer position.

Not quite ready for a leadership post? There are lots of other ways to get involved:

The PICPA is a strong, active, vibrant organization because of the work of the volunteers at all levels. Come and join our volunteers and make us even stronger.

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