Mar 19, 2018

These Things Will Convince Your Employer That PICPA Membership Is a Great Investment

By Meg Killian, vice president – member relations

The PICPA can proudly say that most members have the full support of their employers, both in being involved in PICPA activities and supporting the financial investment of membership.

There are some members, though, that do not have that support. Each year they need to convince their employer to allow them to renew their membership, cover the cost of it, or provide them with time to get involved in volunteer activities.

If you find yourself needing to convince a decision maker in your company that PICPA membership is worth the time and financial investment, here are some helpful talking points.

Aimee at Leadership Academy photoFree and discounted continuing professional education

Membership includes complimentary CPE credits. Up to 16 credits are provided throughout the year. Add another eight hours if you are a PICPA volunteer and are eligible to attend the leadership conference in September.

In addition to the CPE included in your membership, you get a significant discount on all other CPE offerings. And members can now purchase the specially priced mini ClassPass and Value Pass Plus. These two products offer even greater savings on professional education and are available ONLY to PICPA members.

If your employer requires or encourages you to maintain your CPA license, membership truly makes financial sense.

Access to thousands of fellow CPAs through networking and volunteering

PICPA members represent a vast array of business services, potential customers, and vendors. No matter your business, maintaining a strong network is important. Attending PICPA events or connecting with fellow members virtually through message boards or the PICPA’s members-only LinkedIn group is an easy way to do this.

Opportunities for leadership and personal development

PICPA programs are a low-risk, high-reward environment to learn, build, and perfect your leadership, social, and management skills. The things you learn outside of the office can be extremely useful to you and your employer.

New member benefits

PICPA offers numerous additional benefits that come with membership. Here are a few of the newest ones:

  • Our insurance partner, Arthur J. Gallagher and Co., recently added a cybersecurity package to the already robust list of insurance products available at a group rate for PICPA members.
  • The PICPA Mentor Match is designed for members of all ages and interests looking to enhance their career with a mentor or a mentee.
  • The members-only message board, PICPA Connect, continues to grow and is a great resource to get advice and information from your peers.

These are just a few of all the benefits available to you as a PICPA member.

All of these benefit you and your employer because they help you do your job, broaden your vision, and gain access to subject matter experts when you need technical assistance.

PICPA Meets with U.S. Senator CaseyThe prestige and respect of the credential

CPAs continue to be one of the most trusted, most respected of all business professionals. Your company’s clients, vendors, customers, and anyone you interact with will know that you and your company are committed to the excellence, professionalism, and expertise that the CPA credential and PICPA membership represent.

Download and personalize this letter if you need further assistance convincing your employer that your PICPA membership is a good investment for the company.


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  • William Finnecy | Mar 29, 2018


    On point article from Meg Killian on why you should join the PICPA right now!  

    At BKD we call it responsive reliability, that's the PICPA.

    Great work here Meg.

  • Unknown | Mar 27, 2017
    Excellent article!  Can't be emphasized enough that a membership in the PICPA provides tremendous benefits and countless resources.  The value of the free CPE alone more than covers the nominal cost of membership and the relationships and support from the association is incredible.   I also value that anytime I reach out to the association via phone or email I receive an immediate response.  The PICPA and its leadership team is truly a member centered association! Thanks, Meg, for the timely article.

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