May 13, 2019

Problem Solving with PICPA Council

Jennifer CryderBy Jennifer Cryder, CFO and vice president – operations

On April 24, 2019, nearly 60 PICPA members from across the state convened in State College, Pa., for a day of strategic planning. Hard to believe, but it was both really fun and really productive!

These 60 members were part of PICPA Council. Elected and appointed members from each of our 11 chapters are invited to participate, as are several at-large members from across the state who bring specialized skill sets to the discussion. The most important thing we ask of this group is that they bring a broad perspective on the profession to the meeting. Instead of weighing issues just against their own personal experience, we asked the participants to consider their own experiences as well as those of colleagues, clients, students, and others who are served by the PICPA.

PICPA Council Meeting 2019The PICPA presents this group with a variety of strategic issues to ponder. At our most recent meeting, Council provided PICPA management with direction on six strategic themes that will guide the organization in the coming years. PICPA’s management team currently is taking that strategic direction provided by Council and turning it into actionable plans for the coming year. We take the input seriously. During other Council meetings, we have brought in national speakers to keep us up to date on the momentous changes in the CPA profession and had the opportunity to provide feedback on changes being considered to the CPA Exam.

As the PICPA elects a new set of officers statewide and at the chapter level for the 2019-2020 year, the members on Council will change. About half the Council members turn over each year, providing opportunities for new perspectives while still retaining institutional knowledge. The experience is designed to allow Council members to connect with peers across the state, building a network on which they can rely for many years to come. It’s not all business, though. We make sure to include time for drinks and dinner before the day is over.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard about serving on Council is that members hate for their terms to end!

Unfortunately, you can’t just sign up for Council. But one proactive step you can take is to consider participation in chapter or statewide leadership. This year’s PICPA Annual Meeting is in Philadelphia. See leadership in action. You can decide for yourself if you would like a seat at the table.

Read more about how Council members are shaping the direction of the PICPA. Maureen Renzi, PICPA vice president of communications, blogs about the thoughts of several PICPA members as they work through developing our strategic direction.

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  • Kathleen Rue | Jun 04, 2019
    Just participated in my first Council meeting as the President Elect of the Greater Phila Chapter.  It was an amazing day where we, as members and volunteer leaders of the PICPA, get to weigh in on issues facing the CPA profession.  I met members/colleagues from all over the state who bring their own unique perspectives to the table. I am honored and excited to contribute to these discussions over the next two years!

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