Aug 19, 2019

What's the Value of PICPA Membership?

Meg Killian, VP Member RelationsBy Megan Killian, vice president – member relations

Value can mean different things to different people, and it can change through the stages of a person’s life and career. The same is true of the value of PICPA membership. For some, it means financial savings; for others, it’s access to fellow members and information. Sometimes it’s job search resources; at other times it’s a reliable source for education and regulatory updates. Sometimes it’s all the above.

A member satisfaction survey conducted in late 2018 showed that most members agree on the following value propositions.


Members were asked whether the PICPA ...

% of respondents who agree or strongly agree.

Keeps me informed and up to date


Offers high-quality CPE opportunities


Effectively advocates on behalf of CPAs in
the state of Pennsylvania


Provides opportunities to network and learn
from other CPAs


Offers affordable CPE opportunities


Is relevant to my daily professional life



Keeping up to date on accounting and regulatory information also was cited as a leading professional challenge for members who took the survey. Tax law changes, new accounting standards, technology advancements, and professional licensure regulations are a lot to keep up with. More than 44% of those with five or fewer years of experience, and 35% of all responding members, said this was their top concern.

The reason the PICPA scores so high on keeping members informed is because we are keenly aware that our members deeply desire information, and so we offer numerous channels for sharing critical updates. There are 2,000 members who follow and participate on the PICPA Connect boards, providing updates, answering questions, and sharing professional insights with each other on technical issues and new laws and regulations. The PICPA also carefully monitors and reports on professional issues via our CPA Now blog, CPA Conversations podcast series, the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, and professional education courses.

Professional education sets CPAs apart from most other business professionals. The PICPA offers thousands of live and online education programs on topics ranging from tax, to auditing, to technology, to corporate finance … and so much more. And all our popular industry-specific conferences are now offered via webcast.

CPAs are viewed as trusted financial advisers because of the rigorous process it takes to become a CPA, the high level of knowledge CPAs possess, the ongoing education requirements, and a strict adherence to professional ethics. PICPA membership strengthens and supports all those values in the eyes of your clients, your employer, and your professional network. There’s no price tag you can put on reputation and trust, and 42% of members say that personal or business credibility is a high driver for membership.

If you're thinking about joining the PICPA, or have recently joined, check out these member benefits right now!

  • New PICPA members are automatically eligible for a $100,000 group life insurance policy with no medical underwriting from Gallagher Affinity. It's the perfect starter policy for young professionals and a great deal.
  • There are more than 15 complimentary CPE offerings in the course catalog right now, and more are added and updated each month.
  • If you still need credits this year, the Mini ClassPass or Value Pass Plus both provide an affordable way to complete your CPE requirements before the Dec. 31, 2019, deadline. Both are only available to PICPA members.

The profession’s clout and reputation also gives members invaluable access to state legislators and regulatory decision makers. When issues such as sales tax on services, license deregulation, or property tax reform come up for discussion in legislative committees, the PICPA is there to provide nonpartisan testimony and information to help guide lawmakers toward smart policy decisions. But we can only do this with our 22,000 members behind us.

Networking with fellow CPAs is also another popular member benefit. The PICPA offers hundreds of local chapter events and more than 40 different leadership, technical, and social committees where you can meet other members, volunteer your time and expertise, and learn some new skills. You can also make lifelong friends and contacts.

PICPA members can leverage their membership to save money, further their career, build their professional network, enhance their technical expertise, gain leadership skills, and stay up to date with the latest professional news and regulatory information.

Join more than 22,000 other accounting professionals and students to expand your own net worth while also helping to support the profession.

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