Sep 01, 2020

PICPA History in the Making

Jill Gilbert, CPAMike Colgan, PICPA CEOBy Jill E. Gilbert, CPA, PICPA 2020-2021 president, and Michael D. Colgan, PICPA CEO and executive director

Sept. 1, 2020, is one of the most important and exciting days in PICPA’s 124-year history. In a bold move to deliver tremendous value to members and ensure the long-term success of the Institute, PICPA’s Board has authorized the acquisition of a nationally recognized CPE provider. CPA Crossings, a leader in online learning and continuing professional education, is now part of the PICPA.

CPAs Crossings was founded by two CPAs – John Higgins, CPA, CITP, and Bryan Smith, CPA, CITP, CISA – with technology expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit. They built a successful webinar business by partnering with state CPA societies across the country, including the PICPA. This acquisition aligns the strengths of our two organizations, giving PICPA members an expanded selection of expert content and instructors and cementing PICPA’s role in shaping the future of the profession.

PICPA members should all be proud to be part of an organization led by visionary CPAs who are willing to make strategic investments to better serve members and position the PICPA for growth. The boards of both the PICPA and the PICPA Foundation for Education and Research were involved throughout this lengthy process and voted unanimously to support and approve the acquisition on Aug. 20, 2020.

With CPA Crossings as a part of the Institute, our future is even brighter and full of innovative ways to learn and stay informed. Stay tuned to learn more about how the PICPA and CPA Crossings will build best-in-class learning programs that serve your unique and evolving needs.

Read PICPA's press release to the media and other outlets.


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  • Michael Colgan | Sep 09, 2020
    Bob: members will still have access to the same quality providers of CPE, and we have received favorable feedback from our state society partners.
  • Robert J. Henkels | Sep 08, 2020

    I certainly hope you don't make a deal with H&R block to do tax returns and sell tax software.  Does this mean that we lose the Surgent tax seminars in PA, or any of the other quality providers we used to have?

    Were other state societies consulted regarding this ownership change, since it might affect their decisions to use CPA Crossings?    

    Robert Grier: good question.  We must believe they acted on our behalf and I'm certain they believed they did.

  • Jack Ross, PP 1984-85 | Sep 02, 2020
    CONGRATULATIONS, to the Boards, the Staff, and to the entire Membership for a giant step forward into the future.
  • Michael Colgan | Sep 02, 2020
    George: the benefit to PICPA members will be a growing access to subject matter experts and webinar titles as we combine resources with CPA Crossings, as well as an ability for PICPA to fast track development of a best-in-class online learning platform for on-demand (self-study) CPE. That platform should be available following busy season and will be offered on a subscription basis. In the meantime, PICPA members have access to discounted pricing through our Value Pass Plus product, which provides unlimited access to all of our webinars for one price. Over 1,000 members have used this product in the past 2 years; and don't forget to access your free CPE included with your membership www.picpa.org/freecpe
  • George D Poole II | Sep 02, 2020

    How will this benefit PICPA members?

    Will we receive any discounts on webinars that issue CPE??

  • Michael Colgan | Sep 01, 2020

    Thanks Julius. CPA Crossings will continue to serve other state society partners across the country, and the PICPA Board approved the financial due diligence conducted.


  • Julius Green | Sep 01, 2020

    congratulations on this historic move.  Im certain more details regarding the acquisition will be forthcoming.  Given the challenges encountered with in person learning over rhe past several years exacerbated by Covid, I believe this to be a great strategic move on the part of PICPA for both the learning platform and financial stability.  

    Will CPA Crossings continue to service state societies across the country?  How profitable have they been in recent years?

  • Michael Colgan | Sep 01, 2020
    The current PICPA Board, which was elected by membership in June 2020, unanimously approved the purchase. The Board appointed an oversight task force who worked with our CPA firm and an attorney to perform due diligence and guide the process. So, while members didn’t vote individually, the leaders they elected voted on their behalf.
  • robert grier | Sep 01, 2020
    Did I miss the membership vote on the approval of the acquisition? 

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