Oct 30, 2017

PICPA Resources to Enhance Your Practice in the Digital Age

Maureen RenziBy Maureen Renzi, vice president – communications

What do you do when you are researching a product or service? Chances are you “Google it.” Google processes more than 40,000 search queries … Not every day … Not every hour … Not every minute. Google process 40,000 queries every second! That translates into 3.5 billion searches per day. Are you and your firm incorporating this vast number of online searches into your marketing plans?

Client ResourcesOne of PICPA’s goals is to help members succeed in this Google-driven environment. Have you looked at your firm's website lately and evaluated it from the perspective of a potential client? What does it say about your firm and the services you offer? What does it tell current clients about other services they may benefit from?

Many members recognize that developing a robust firm website with fresh content takes time and money. The PICPA has your back. We have given our long-time service of providing client relations brochures a face lift that will perform in this digital environment. Members have looked at all these consumer-oriented resources, checked them for technical accuracy, and updated them when necessary. We then compiled all these resources into a special “Free CPA Marketing Materials” webpage so firms can easily add valuable content to their website, can find content to add to electronic newsletters, and can better engage clients and potential clients on social media.

With all these resources in one place, members can develop a library of resources that highlight a diverse array of services for small businesses and individual personal financial planning. These resources can be personalized to include contact information, including firm logo and branding. Plus, it demonstrates to clients and potential clients that you are a member of an elite group of CPA professionals because these are co-branded with the PICPA. Members also have the option to customize and print handouts for face-to-face meetings.

Here are some tips for using this wealth of materials effectively:

  • Select and download the resources that apply to your practice.
  • If your website is organized by types of services, include a brochure image and download opportunity on specific service pages when possible. Visitors will already be there looking for information, so give it to them.
  • Assign staff to write a more detailed summary of the service that makes your firm the best fit. Hint: People love stories. If you have a client story that you could share without violating a client confidence, go for it. Post the summary as a blog. If your firm doesn’t host a blog, consider the LinkedIn publishing platform. By just doing that, you will have increased your digital presence.
  • Highlight a specific resource and a great blog in your e-mail newsletter, and drive people back to your website to see your services.
  • If you have a social media presence, we’ve also included images and sample Tweets to help you get started.

The PICPA employs many of these tips as part of our digital media strategy. One of our goals is to promote our CPA Locator service, and in the past year we’ve garnered more than 95,000 views. Be sure that your firm information is correct in the CPA Locator so that when one of those vast numbers of Googlers finds you they find great information.

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