Apr 05, 2021

PICPA CEO Mike Colgan Announces Retirement

By Michael D. Colgan, PICPA CEO and executive director

After 42 years with the PICPA, 10 as CEO and executive director, it is with mixed emotions that I am announcing that I will retire at the end of 2021.

It’s been a great run: a lot of hard work, too many successes to list here, and a heck of a lot of fun.

Mike Colgan congratulating scholarship winnerI shared my intention to retire with the PICPA Board earlier this year, and PICPA President Jill Gilbert quickly formed a CEO search committee composed of PICPA members and led by Marty Levin, PICPA’s immediate past president. Over the past few months, the committee posted the position and is in the process of candidate interviews. The committee will make its recommendation to the Board in June 2021, with a Sept. 1 effective start date. After a short transition period, I will officially retire on Dec. 31, 2021.

When I started my career at the PICPA in 1979, I had no idea the experiences and opportunities that awaited me. I am grateful for the PICPA members I have worked alongside, many of whom I count as friends. We have plenty of time in 2021 to reflect, celebrate, and say our goodbyes.

For now, know that your PICPA executive leadership and the PICPA team are working to ensure a seamless transition that never loses focus on our top priority, Pennsylvania CPAs.

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  • William Steger | May 03, 2021
    CONGRATULATIONS MIKE!  Well earned retirement.  You have always been a friend to me and to everyone in the Erie Chapter the past 40+ years!
  • Joseph Alu | Apr 14, 2021
  • Ed | Apr 08, 2021
    patty your next
  • William Wagner | Apr 07, 2021
    Mike, out pasts have been intertwined. I remember you leading a seminar in Pittsburgh on "How to be a discussion leader". I learned a lot from you that day. As we both grew in our profession, I have always respected your opinions when I had a question. Enjoy your retirement. Hope you can still golf your time away. Best wishes, Bill Wagner
  • Gene McWilliams | Apr 07, 2021
    Congratulations Mike. Great job! 
  • Don Pizer | Apr 06, 2021
    congratulations, Mike. I fondly remember doing liquor inventory with you at a few PICPA annual meetings many years ago. We never lost a bottle!
  • James Reimel | Apr 06, 2021
    Mike We will miss your great leadership and your smile.  Chris Reimel
  • Frank Brulenski | Apr 06, 2021
    You have had a great run Mike.  Congrats on taking time to enjoy the next path in life.  I sincerely appreciate your efforts and always respect your work and fine input.  Have a great day brother.
  • Michael Cade | Apr 06, 2021
    Thank you for your incredible leadership over the years.  You will be sorely missed, but the work you have done will act as a strong foundation for the organization for many years to come.  Best regards for an enjoyable retirement!  
  • Michael Moughan | Apr 06, 2021
    What? What are yo going to do? It certainly cannot involve golf!
  • Unknown | Apr 06, 2021
    Congratulations Mike! So thankful for your leadership and dedication to the profession.
  • Richard Orloff | Apr 06, 2021
    You don't look a day older than 45
  • b good | Apr 05, 2021
    Well played Mike. Enjoy the go go years before the slow go and no go years kick in. CONGRATS 
  • Brad Floyd | Apr 05, 2021
    congrats, Mike!  Well done!!

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