Jan 10, 2018

8 Business Apps to Consider for Your Small Business

Nick Zagacki, CPANick Zagacki, CPA | KPMG

MoneyLife100There is an abundance of mobile apps on the market, so it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the ones that are savvy enough to increase your business’s productivity and streamline operations. After scouring the internet and testing multiple apps, I have developed a list of eight noteworthy apps that I’ve come across.


Trello is a project-management app that can be used by Fortune 500 companies all the way down to companies with only a few employees. This app will tell you, in real time, what’s being worked on, who’s working it, and where it is in the life cycle. Teams and individuals can access projects and see tasks within those projects, download/upload attachments, and have discussions.

Electronic TabletsGusto

The Gusto app provides payroll, benefits, and human resources support to more than 40,000 small businesses across all 50 states. This easy-to-use app prompts users for what’s needed and syncs with other tools such as QuickBooks and TSheets. The key advantage here is the automated payroll management: users can set up and schedule payments, and let the system handle the rest.


This finance and accounting app helps streamline the invoice, expense, and time-tracking processes. FreshBooks users can create professional looking invoices and financial statements with a company logo. It has a large user base and flexible pricing plan. FreshBooks can be easily integrated with a long list of systems and applications, including Google Checkout and PayPal.


If your business generates a high volume of credit card transactions, such as those in the retail or food industry, Square offers a point-of-sale app. After signing up for this app you will receive a credit card reader that can be plugged into your phone and used anywhere to accept credit cards. Receipts are sent to customers via email.


Traveling for work can be tiring and overwhelming. TripCase will ease the burden by providing a platform to store and edit your itinerary. View relevant messages in the Tripfeed to help you travel smarter and discover something new. These messages relate to specific segments of your trip, from airline check-in opportunities to company travel policies.


If your travel is by car, MileIQ automatically tracks the miles driven. Running in the background, this app tracks your miles and creates a comprehensive record of your drives. You can easily add details such as parking, tolls, and whether the trip was business or personal. MileIQ creates a record of your mileage and sends you weekly reports.


Whether it’s your music collection or confidential client documents, Dropbox is an app that allows users to store and easily share files with others. Currently, there are five different plans offering a plethora of options and features.


Skype Business can host video conference calls of up to 250 attendees from across the world. Meetings can be recorded for later use. Since the solution is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office applications, it enables users to share files and make presentations while on the call.

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Nick Zagacki, CPA, is a senior associate in the advisory practice at KPMG in Philadelphia and a member of PICPA’s CPA Image Enhancement Committee.

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