Aug 25, 2021

New Marketing Strategy for CPAs: Audio

Maria GrimmBy Maria Grimm, PCM

Audio is making a comeback in the world of digital marketing. The reason is simple: over the past year we have seen how much we rely on the ability to receive information at a fast pace, and audio is the perfect on-the-go mode to make that happen. The best way to retain clients and gain new ones is to make sure your firm is visible and top of mind while embracing new trends and ideas for business development. This blog provides a rundown of how and why using audio marketing can increase brand awareness for your firm.

What Is Audio Marketing?

Audio marketing offers an opportunity to add a more direct approach to your messaging that you can’t get from scanning headlines, scrolling through articles, and clicking past ads. By hearing a message directly from the source, there is no room for misinterpretation or confusion. Adding a literal voice to a brand creates a more intimate experience for the listener, something you can’t always achieve with words on a screen.

Young woman at desk with headphones and laptop.There are many different audio marketing platform options, including Clubhouse – a drop in audio-chat social media platform that hosts virtual rooms for live discussions – and podcasts. Social platforms, such as Facebook, are hopping on the audio bandwagon, making the marketing tool that much more appealing.

Where Do You Begin?

Great audio marketing strategies begin with some simple experimentation: you need to find the right stories to tell through spoken words and the right platform to tell them on. You can start by creating more meaningful connections by communicating your firm’s values to potential clients. Instilling trust is a top priority. Audio marketing is the perfect place to promote how and why your firm is the best place for individuals, businesses, and other organizations to plan and reach their goals.

Knowing who your audience is and if this is a good fit for them is vital. Just because something is available to you that does not mean it’s right for you. Look back at your full marketing strategy and determine if this path will expand brand awareness or thought leadership. That is a big piece of this puzzle.

CPAs and Audio Marketing

Audio marketing combines two things we value today – it is personal and it is portable. These qualities make it as easy as possible for an audience to digest a message and connect with you on a different level.

It is a new frontier, and not many firms have adapted to this platform yet. There is an opportunity to set your company apart by being a trailblazer. If you decide to be an early adapter, you are first in line for the audience, catching the attention of not only current clients but new ones as well.

The simplicity and flexibility of audio is a great tool for growing an audience and portraying a message, specifically for accounting firms. Pursuing this avenue strategically can help make your business sing.

Maria Grimm, PCM, is the founder and CEO of Relly, a marketing subscription service for small businesses. She is also chief marketing strategist for Grimm Collective, a marketing consulting firm in Tulsa, Okla. She can be reached at

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