Legislative Update - Special myPATH Notice - Nov. 22, 2022

Legislative Update - Special myPATH Notice - Nov. 22, 2022

by PICPA Government Relations | Nov 22, 2022

Are You Ready for the myPATH Migration?

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (DOR) continues to modernize its tax systems, including its online interfaces. Beginning on Nov. 30, 2022, e-TIDES will be retired, meaning it will no longer be the online resource for electronically filing returns, making payments, and renewing licenses. These and other services will be moving to DOR’s new online portal, myPATH.

On Nov. 30, myPATH online services will be expanded to include the majority of the business taxes administered by the DOR. In addition, the myPATH homepage panels, the myPATH sign-up process, and some options available after logging in are changing.

Due to scheduled maintenance, however, this system will be unavailable from Friday, Nov. 25, 2022, at noon until Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. Regular deadlines for filing and paying your taxes still apply, so please plan accordingly.

CPA confirming paper docs match what's on the computerThe PICPA and DOR have been working together to facilitate a seamless transition. This joint communication is intended to be informational and to assist practitioners with basic questions regarding the implementation of myPATH. In addition, we encourage members to visit DOR’s self-service introductions found at revenue.pa.gov. They include the following:

What follows is a brief overview of some of the changes you can expect to see in myPATH.

Changes to the myPATH Homepage

  • New panels for Additional Services, Tax Compliance, and Learn More.
  • “Respond to a Letter” and “Find a Submission” options are being moved to a new Additional Services panel.
  • The existing Individuals panel will be replaced with a Returns panel.
  • All tax due dates will be available on the myPATH homepage under the Additional Services panel.
  • "Track My Inheritance Tax Return" will be moved under the new Additional Services panel.
  • A new service to “File a Use Tax” return from the myPATH homepage, non-logged in, will be available from the new Returns panel.
  • A new service to “Request a Corporate Lien Certificate” will be available from the new Tax Compliance panel on the myPATH homepage.
Changes to the myPATH Sign Up
  • When signing up for a myPATH profile as a Primary User (first party or business owner), an access letter will no longer be required unless there is federal tax information on the account for which you are attempting to gain access. Customers will be able to gain access to their accounts by verifying details about an account they own. This allows instant access to their account(s) without the need to wait for a letter.
  • When signing up for a myPATH profile as a third party, it is no longer required that your client have a myPATH profile created.
    • When requesting access to a client's account, there will no longer be a requirement for the client to sign up as a Primary User for myPATH. Third parties will be able to gain access to accounts they manage on behalf of their client(s) by verifying details about the account if the client has not signed up for a myPATH account.
    • If the client is signed up for a myPATH account, the client will have to grant the third-party access to their account(s).
Changes to myPATH Post Log-in
  • There will be new names for access types
    • Master Administrator will be referred to as Primary Administrator
    • Account Administrator will be referred to as Secondary Administrator
  • For Primary Users (first party/primary administrators), if you have business tax accounts registered under the same Social Security number (SSN)/federal employer identification number (FEIN), you will now see these new tax types on myPATH after you log in.
    • Primary users will have the option to "Add Access" to these accounts without further validation. These tax accounts include, but are not limited to, sales tax, withholding tax, and corporate net income tax.
  • Third parties will have the option to request access to their clients' business tax accounts on myPATH. Business tax accounts being added include, but are not limited to, sales tax, withholding tax, and corporate net income tax.
  • Users of myPATH will have the option to sign up for due date reminders for select account types.
New Filing Options Coming to myPATH
  • The ability to file and make payments for additional business tax accounts, including, but not limited to, sales and use tax, employer withholding tax, and specialty corporation taxes.
  • The bulk upload of files and payments for sales and employer withholding accounts.

To file business tax returns electronically, you will be required to sign up for a myPATH profile on or after Nov. 30. With a myPATH profile, you can also view letters from the department, update names and addresses, send messages directly to the department, allow other users to file, and pay on your behalf and more.

To sign up for a myPATH profile you will need the following items:

  • A unique email address that is not associated with any other myPATH profile
  • A username that must be a minimum of five characters (no special characters)
  • A password with a minimum of eight characters and containing at least one of the following: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Primary phone number

When accessing a tax account, you will need the following items:

  • Valid ID number (SSN, FEIN, PATH ID, or Revenue ID)
  • One of the following:
    • Payment amount on the specified tax type
    • Return line-item amount on the specified tax type
    • PATH letter ID,
    • Online business registration confirmation code

On or after Nov. 30, 2022, existing e-TIDES users will have the option to migrate their existing e-TIDES access once they are logged in to myPATH. Customers who create a myPATH profile will be presented with a link to migrate e-TIDES access once logged in. The customer will then enter their e-TIDES user IDs and passwords (i.e., e-Signature account credentials) to gain access to their existing e-TIDES.

Refer to the e-TIDES retirement timeline for details around when these services will cease.

On Jan. 12, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the PICPA and the DOR will host a webinar on the myPATH system. Join Alicia Gonse, chief of customer outreach, relations, and engagement within the DOR Customer Experience Center, as we cover changes that will affect business taxpayers and provide an overview of updates to the myPATH system.


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