Welcome New Members - October 2017

Nov 07, 2017

PICPA welcomes the following new PICPA members who joined in October 2017:


David Bourne
Christopher Hindman


Jessica Rectenwald

Greater Philadelphia

Gregory Baker
Christopher Brooks
Rachel Calaman
Thomas Cassidy
Carol Ciaccia
Malaika Contaste
Brendan Cox
Gary Curtis
Jamie DePetris
Alaina Dimmig
John DiStefano
Sara Doyle
Michael Durelli
Joy Embree
Roberto Fontan Ceballos
Hui Min Goh
Meaghan Harrington
Robert Howard
Aaron Hunt
Brianna Kauffman
Deborah Ming
Lisa Munyan
April Nickel
Jan Nolan
Rebecca Rabin
Jere Ritchie
Andrew Roberts
Charmaine Rochester
Michael Rock
Jamie Schlotterer
Danielle Scheponik
Jacob Schwarber
Jamie Shechtman
Victoria Smith
Craig Smith
Samuel Speaker
Colin Steinberg
Spencer Stokes
Catherine Thompson
Boya Wang
Melissa Weiss
Lauren Zelnick
Erdit Zenelaj
Zhihao Zhang

Lehigh Valley

Timothy Brezinsky
Sherry Sohaney

Non Resident

Jonathan Balsam
Junmeng Gu
Adina Kipper
Ashley Oberdick
Michelle Olivier
Andrew Petrell
Nicholas Phillips
Maryna Rabko
Ethan Whittaker
Dan Yang
Xuelei Yuan
Alex Zaslow

North Central

Brandon Diep
Jennifer Earnest
Lynn Getz
Linda Keiser
Michael Mullen
Thomas Ross
Michael Stebila


Kathy Zielinski


Eric Bruening


Craig Bilecki
Cole Bocheff
James Brown
Linda Cesnik
Lea Chase
Katelyn Corcoran
Shane Cornuet
Jennifer Croft
Jordan Earnheardt
Sandra Frantz
Ali Gaetano
Brendan Garay
Kristen Greselin
Lindsey Hale
Gretta Jackson
Cameron Jonard
Zachary Lierley
Afton Manning
Samuel Martello
Aimee Mauro
Lenore Seifer
Zachary Taylor
Omar Thrower
Kyle Wishart


Allison Ebling
John Hazel
Andrew Noll
Jacob Warriner
Tracey Yergey
Mindy Zweizig

South Central

Gregory Blocker
Jermaine Chisholm
Zach Conner
Tanner Dixon
Angela Ducker
Zachary Hurst
David Kaler
Justin Keech
Patricia Keefer
Olen McCardell
Kayleigh Noll
Samantha Schaffer
Adam Swartz


Edward Mikrut
Kris Nyberg
Julie Shields

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