Will I get excluded from certain tax benefits for my new business if my husband owes back taxes from before we married?

Nov 29, 2018

If my husband owes back taxes and I want to start a new business next year, will I get excluded from any incentives or tax cuts due to his tax responsibility prior to our marriage?

Past taxes owed by an individual’s spouse, by itself, does not preclude one from being able to take advantage of incentives and tax cuts, such as deducting allowable expenses or claiming possible tax credits if applicable. There are other things that may be affected by these past taxes, though. How past taxes due affect the individual and the spouse (and a spouse’s business) relates to several factors.

  1. Filing status
  2. Business type
  3. Whether a refund is due or tax is owed

These factors are separate items, but they are interrelated in that each of them affects the other two. Some choices may seem better if back taxes are owed, but ultimately could cause the loss of some benefits, such as tax credits or the couple’s ability to contribute to different retirement account types. There are ways to minimize or negate unwanted effects from back taxes, such as using Injured/Innocent Spouse Relief provisions. A CPA can help provide a detailed analysis related to the best filing status, business type, and how those options and the back taxes may affect whether a refund will be received or not. You can find one by using PICPA’s CPA Locator.

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Answered by: William L. Stunkel, CPA, is director of business solutions with Holsinger PC in Wexford, Pa.

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