Concerns and suggestions regarding the Pennsylvania R&D credit online application

Nov 14, 2019
• We are unable to enter a year-end that is not month-end.

• Some companies have an odd year-end when the company changes hands or if they are a 52/53 company.

• A PA Revenue ID can’t be added after the application has been started. It is not a required field, but the Department would probably like it to be there. It appears that in order to enter that ID, we would have to completely start the application over.

• There is no way to delete applications from the incomplete applications section. If an application is accidentally started or later is discovered to have zero credit, it clutters up this section for review of qualifying clients. It will go away after Sept. 15, but it would be nice to remove it now for the reviewers to see a clean qualifying list.

• Pressing enter on the application does not take you to the next fillable cell. That action saves the application or submits it. If enter is pressed on the final screen, there is a concern that “Submit” might be the default action when that is not the intent of the individual working on the application.


1. The department is exploring this enhancement to the system.

2. Potential improvements include the ability to capture actual tax period end dates.

3. In the first year, applicants were required to contact the department if they wanted to amend their application. The department is exploring improved programming to allow applicants to amend their application.

4. The department will include this as a requested enhancement. Perhaps a filter can be added to provide the ability to view applications in various statuses.

5. The application is following common web application functionality where the “tab” key switches focus to different input fields in a form and “enter” initiates a "selection, submission and save" feature. Other selection buttons are provided on each screen allowing applicants to go back, save and continue later or continue through the application.
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