Q&A with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

What is the operational status of the TIS platform?

Sep 30, 2013

Over the spring and summer we observed that corp tax notices were not being generated by the new ITS software and noted several instances where payments and credits in the Department’s system did not reconcile to information previously provided to taxpayers. We also noted delays in the posting of appeal decisions and corresponding payments and credits to taxpayers’ accounts.


What is the operational status of the ITS platform? Is there still a backlog in posting items to taxpayer accounts and/or issuing notices? How are differences being reconciled? Will these issues affect the implementation of other modules of the new system?


The ITS is operational; however, some “growing pains” are still being addressed. The mentioned delays have occurred and are attributable to several factors:

  • While designing the ITS workflow, system planners set suspense criteria more stringently than desired, resulting in backlogs of work items. The Department is constantly analyzing and revising these criteria to reduce work queues to acceptable levels.
  • Like any new system SAP itself adds a great deal of new functionality and the learning curve has been significant. Our employees have risen to the challenge; however, any change of this magnitude will take some time to return to full productivity.
  • Data converted from the legacy system to the ITS often causes issues in the ITS and requires manual cleanup. The Department will continue to work through this, but it will remain, to some degree, an issue until those older transactions age out of the processing flow.

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Watch: 2019 Q&A with the DOR

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