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COSO Certificates

Develop a strong, effective internal control system with COSO professional certificates. Discuss the updated ERM framework and learn how to design, implement, and monitor a system of internal control. Assess and manage risk to provide value to shareholders.


COSO Internal Control Certificate

The COSO Internal Control Certificate Program offers a unique opportunity to develop your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring a system of internal control. Nine self-paced modules provide the knowledge necessary to understand and apply COSO's Internal Control--Integrated Framework.

Qualifies for 17 CPE credits.

COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate

With the COSO Enterprise Risk Management certificate, you can solidify your strategy by learning how to assess risk and manage it successfully within the newly updated ERM framework. It will also help prevent surprise risks, business scandals, and failures while providing value to shareholders.

Qualifies for 13.5 CPE credits.*

* NOTE: The Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy does not accept .5 credits unless the individual is able to pair two .5 together for one credit in the same credit type. Credits will round down to the lower whole number for CPE submission.