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Finance Transformation Certificate

In this three-part certificate, discuss the changing nature of finance and learn how to adapt to the evolving business environment. You will learn how to drive value within your finance team and organization by navigating the CFO role and new roles within the value chain.


Part 1: Manage Disruption

Understand the context to the accelerating evolution of finance within organizations. Focus on why and how the business environment is changing, and how the finance team can prepare for and respond to these changes.
Qualifies for 7 CPE credits.

Part 2: Ignite Change

Gain deeper insight into the objectives and roles within the finance value chain of the future. Discuss changes required to adapt to the business environment and how new and existing roles will underpin the value chain.
Qualifies for 11 CPE credits.

Part 3: Transform Skills

Understand the evolving role of the CFO and the skills you need to adapt to the emerging role of finance. Consider the competencies that underpin these skills, and why and how they are relevant to your business environment today.
Qualifies for 16 CPE credits.