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Personal Financial Planning Certificates

The Personal Financial Planning Certificate Programs are a series of certificates covering the core areas of PFP, including retirement, estate, and investment planning, as well as practical application. Tax planning and how it relates to each area is incorporated throughout each certificate.


Retirement Planning Certificate

Designed for practitioners who want a thorough understanding of retirement planning, this includes a series of courses covering the retirement planning life cycle, including planning for aging and chronically ill clients.

Qualifies for 20 CPE credits.

Investment Planning Certificate

Part of the Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program, this certificate program includes eight courses covering steps in the investment planning life cycle, along with a discussion of planning for and funding higher education.

Qualifies for 18.5 CPE credits.*

Estate Planning Certificate

The Estate Planning Certificate Program is an informative and engaging learning experience that will enhance your knowledge of estate planning.

Qualifies for 19 CPE credits.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning Certificate

Learn to navigate the regulatory environment, understand personal financial planning standards, use fundamental concepts in a systematic planning process, and use your technical knowledge for the benefit of your clients. This program is comprised of five courses, including four case studies, covering the clients' planning life cycle.

Qualifies for 14 CPE credits.

Practical Applications of Personal Financial Planning Certificate

Enhance your knowledge with eight dynamic courses covering critical steps in the risk management and insurance planning process.

Qualifies for 14 CPE credits.

* NOTE: The Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy does not accept .5 credits unless the individual is able to pair two .5 together for one credit in the same credit type. Credits will round down to the lower whole number for CPE submission.