A&A with Dr. Ray Thompson, CMA, CFM, CBA

Accounting and Auditing Current Developments CPE

Featuring Course Author Dr. Ray Thompson, CMA, CFM, CBA, and William G. Engelbret, CPA, PhD

Accounting and Auditing Current Developments

Receive a fast-paced overview of the major issues and challenges facing the profession. Learn about recent A&A pronouncements and other developments, and how they affect your company or clients now and in the future. Consider the financial reporting consequences of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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Accounting and Auditing Hot Topics

Understand how cybersecurity threats affect financial reporting, and learn new ways to detect computer-based fraud. Discover the impact of FASB projects on revenue recognition, leases, and financial instruments for closely held companies.

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Dr. Ray's Accounting Standards Review for Controllers and Finance Professionals

Examine current accounting standards for practitioners in industry, including recent and upcoming auditing pronouncements. Weigh the reporting options provided by FASB and AICPA for nonpublic companies. Learn how the SEC, AcSEC, EITF, ASB, and IASB are adapting to demands for timelier information. Check back for future dates and locations.


Gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of newly issued and forthcoming accounting and auditing pronouncements. Prepare to implement the new revenue recognition standard using the experience of early adopters. Become familiar with recent standards involving financial instruments, not-for-profit reporting, cash flow, and debt classification. Check back for future dates and locations.

Fraud Update: Occurrence Prevention and Detection in Business Today

Hear an all-encompassing update on fraud risks for small and medium companies. Understand how evolving cybersecurity threats impact financial reporting and learn new ways to detect fraudulent financial reporting. Discover the impact of fraud and the auditor's responsibilities. Use data analytics to detect fraud.

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Implementing FASB's New Lease Standard: Examples and Practical Approaches

Gain an understanding of how the transition from operating leases to capitalization will affect companies of all sizes. Review the fundamental principles of the right-to-use model for capitalizing leases. Distinguish which lease contracts are scoped into and out of the standard. Learn how the balance sheet treatment of leases will alter financial statement numbers, ratios, and loan covenants.

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Implementing FASB's Revenue and Leasing Standards in Private Companies: GAAP vs Alternate Reporting Frameworks

Be prepared for the radical changes in financial reporting for revenue and leases. Consider whether GAAP is right for your clients. Hear about choices and solutions available to ensure cost effective, relevant reporting.

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PICPA Ethics Update for CPAs in Business and Industry

Review AICPA and state CPA society ethics standards as they apply to CPAs in business and industry. Examine the connections between ethics principles and the profession's public responsibility. Recognize your ethical responsibilities when preparing financial statements. 

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PICPA Ethics Update for CPAs in Public Practice

Review AICPA, state CPA society, and state board ethics standards as they apply to small and medium-sized CPA firms. Examine connections between ethics principles and the profession’s public responsibility. Understand how the new ethics codification and the conceptual framework for resolving ethical issues will alter current practice.

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Revenue Recognition: Practical Approaches to Implementation

Receive a comprehensive explanation of ASU 2014-09 (revenue recognition) and its impact on your organization. Analyze real-life, industry-specific implementation issues using the FASB's five-step approach. Prepare to navigate through transition, disclosure, and presentation challenges.

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“No one can teach A&A like Dr. Ray does. It's always a pleasure to attend one of his classes.”

-David Loeffler, CPA
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“Ray and Bill always inject life and energy into every topic!”

-David Stansbury Jr., CPA
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