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Money & Life blogs are written by Pennsylvania CPAs on a variety of different topics all focused around financial literacy. From tax to budgeting tips, these blogs will keep your wallet healthy.

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Recent Blogs

  • Sean J. Brennan, CPA

    Government Shutdown Could Raise Tax Refund Revolt

    Despite the government shutdown, the IRS says it is prepared for the current season, which is set to begin Jan. 28, 2019. But should we close in on the start date of tax season, and it becomes clearer that tax return processing may be hindered and thousands or millions of tax refunds are going to be delayed, what happens then?
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  • Alex Pabellon

    College without Financial Catastrophe: How to Avoid the Burden of College Debt

    The average cost to attend public universities has increased 6.5 percent each year for the past 10 years. Clearly, it’s time to get creative about how we finance our education. Here we provide several ideas to consider when planning for college.
    Full story
  • Digital currency wallet with bitcoins

    Crime and Cryptocurrency: Investors Beware

    With the exuberance among some for cryptocurrencies, there have been stories of great wealth won. Unfortunately, many who have followed this path have experienced their share of problems, including fraud, cheats, and violence.
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