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  • Colleen Krcelich

    Using Crowdfunding to Bankroll a Startup

    You have a great idea for a new product – one that is sure to make millions! The problem is you have no money to develop your idea. You may be considering a crowdfunding site, but do you know which one to use?
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  • moneyhouse_thumb

    Divorce Settlements: How Do You Value the Family Business?

    For many business owners, a significant amount of their personal net worth is tied up in the equity ownership of the business. So when a divorce occurs, a critical question quickly arises: “How much is the business worth for the express purpose of measuring the marital property value?”
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  • Dunlap_Jessica

    Don’t Let Friendly Feelings Set Your Business Up for Fraud

    The phrase “segregation of duties” is used by CPAs every day, but what does that mean to the small-business owner? Simply put, segregation of duties means no single person has too much control of a transaction involving important business assets. It is a basic anti-fraud measure.
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3 Things to Know When Starting a Business

J How Do I Qualify for the Home Office Tax Deduction
J Don’t Forget to Issue 1099s

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