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  • Mark L. Sullivan, CPA

    For Small Businesses, Know the Importance of Your CPA Relationship

    Establishing a trusting relationship with your business partners is essential. For small-business owners, this trust can be helpful to the bottom line. It is important that the advisers you work with, such as CPAs, understand your business and your plans.
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  • Alex Pabellon

    Professional Friendship

    Can there be such a thing as a “professional friendship”? In a relationship where professional standards, priorities, and boundaries are well understood, can we also recognize that it’s human and normal to genuinely trust and like each other? If it doesn’t exist, it should.
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  • Judy Herron photo

    Navigating Bitcoin and Digital Currency Use

    The use of Bitcoin can be tricky from a tax perspective. If you use Bitcoin or another digital currency, there are details you need to share with your CPA to keep you out of tax trouble.
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3 Things to Know When Starting a Business

J How Do I Qualify for the Home Office Tax Deduction
J Don’t Forget to Issue 1099s

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