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  • Rose Lamaestra picture

    The Temporary CFO

    CFOs, like any employee, could leave for any variety of reasons. Employers don’t want to have to hire the first person that comes along, but they do need someone with the expertise to fill this spot almost immediately. Many CPA firms can fill this CFO need until the company finds the right fit.
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  • Stunkle_Wil

    Small Businesses Taking a Credit Card Dip with the New Chip

    For many business owners, particularly retail stores, electronic payments are increasing. Since increased electronic payments leads to the possibility of more electronic payment fraud, credit card companies are increasing security. Enter the EMV chip.
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  • Mark Zinman

    CFO Services (and More) for Companies That Can’t Afford One

    For many companies, hiring outside financial expertise provides access to organizational benefits they might not otherwise be able to afford in-house. One highly beneficial outsource option is the CFO – giving smaller companies access to the skill set that are a given among the big players.
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3 Things to Know When Starting a Business

J How Do I Qualify for the Home Office Tax Deduction
J Don’t Forget to Issue 1099s

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