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  • Cheri Freeh

    ACA Changes Caught Small Employers by Surprise

    Due to an under-publicized change in the eligibility requirements of this tax credit, many small businesses and nonprofit organizations were surprised to find that they no longer qualified for the credit -- a credit they had been able to claim in previous years.
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  • Jessica Dunlap image

    Listen to the Story Your Financial Statements Are Telling You

    As a CPA, I understand how important financial statements are to a business, but it’s also important that business owners and leaders of not-for-profits understand the importance of financial statements. Financial statements tell the story of the business: they tell where the business has been and where it is headed.
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  • Handle with Care: Business Responsibilities for Sensitive Data

    From a business perspective, you must be proactive in protecting personal information. Not doing so can have dire consequences on business finances, customer/vendor relationships, and business reputation. Every business also has a legal vested interest in keeping sensitive data secure.
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3 Things to Know When Starting a Business

J How Do I Qualify for the Home Office Tax Deduction
J Don’t Forget to Issue 1099s

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