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Audit Skills Training Level 1: New Auditors
Nov. 2 | Malvern
Become familiar with audit procedure basics, including the nature, timing, and extent of common audit procedures. Focus on why certain procedures are performed, as well as how to perform them ...
Audit Skills Training Level 2: Staff Accountant
Sept. 18 | Malvern
Take basic audit skills to the next level. Learn to perform high-quality audit procedures for common audit areas. Discuss the financial statement drafting and issuance process, including the elements of ...
Audit Skills Training Level 3: Experienced Staff
Sept. 20 | Malvern
Learn how to properly safeguard independence when performing both attest and nonattest services. Understand how to alter the nature, timing, and extent of audit procedures to be commensurate with assessed ...
Audit Skills Training Level 4: In-Charge
Sept. 26 | Malvern
Learn to identify and resolve complex accounting and financial reporting issues and advanced analytic procedures techniques. Get an introduction to people and project management. Learn the skills necessary to improve ...
Ethics: Critical Thinking, Case Studies, and Fraud
Nov. 28 | Malvern
Explore the basic tenants of ethical behavior. Use case studies to identify and understand critical thinking errors as they relate to ethical dilemmas in various companies and organizations. ...