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Fraud and Ethics Challenges in the Not-for-Profit World (Not-for-Profit Conference)


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If you attended Not-for-Profit Conference on June 6-7, 2016, this course would be considered a duplicate and cannot be used towards your CPE requirement. Learn about fraud detection and investigation methods and scenarios for recovery and prosecution.

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Hear Charles Elliott, CPA, CFE, CFF, cover the following:

  • Why not-for-profits are a target for fraud
  • Case studies
  • How poor segregation of duties and a lack of internal controls create challenges to compliance
  • Subordination of judgment rules


Charles P. Elliott CPA, CFE
Charles P. Elliott, PC

Charles Elliott graduated from LaSalle University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and with a major concentration of study in the art of accounting. He administered the Workmen's Compensation program for the City of Philadelphia, was a revenue examiner in the City of Philadelphia Department of Revenue, and an economic crime investigation specialist in the Philadelphia District Attorney's office. Has investigated economic crime including employee theft, financial fraud, worker's compensation fraud and municipal corruption. He has provided expert testimony in the United States District court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Superior Court in the State of New Jersey, and the Commonwealth of PA Court of Common Pleas, criminal and civil division. Has written articles that have been published in the White Paper and the Pennsylvania CPA Journal and is routinely asked to present continuing education programs to CPAs and other professionals in the areas of fraud, forensic accounting, and litigation services on behalf of the PICPA. Is a member of the AICPA, PICPA and ACFE. He has served as the chairman of the PICPA Committee on Forensic and Litigation Services, is the co-chair of the PICPA Greater Philadelphia Chapter Committee on Cooperation with the Bar and the PICPA Philadelphia Chapter Executive Committee. He is a member of the LaSalle University Advisory Committee on Fraud and Forensic Accounting and is a guest lecturer in the post-graduate Certificate Program in Fraud and Forensic Accounting Has appeared on national television on two occasions as a result of a successful investigation of adoption fraud using the internet, as well as a spokesman for the PICPA in a matter related to consumer complaints involving a national tax preparation company. He has participated in successful prosecutions of municipal employees, recipients of public funds, officers of charitable organizations and other individuals who violated their fiduciary responsibilities. He has conducted criminal and civil investigations involving employee theft, bankruptcy fraud, shareholder fraud, as well as regulatory violations of post-secondary educational institutions. He has also investigated money laundering and Patriot Act violations. He has two sons, Matthew and Peter. Matthew holds a degree in Finance from LaSalle University and recently returned from Al Anbar Province Iraq. Peter is an accounting major at LaSalle University and plans to take over his father's practice sometime in the future. Charles Elliott has maintained an accounting practice since 1976.


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