Non-Profit Update: 10 A&A Risks for Controllers and Auditors Webinar


Feb. 15
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

CPE Credits



PICPA Member: $79 | Nonmember: $104

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After attending this class you will learn: 
  • Why non-profits have a higher risk of fraud and abuse.
  • How to detect fraud and abuse in non-profits.
  • Simple controls to minimize fraud and abuse in non-profits.


We will analyze 10 new non-profit risks and frauds committed against and by non-profits:

  • Convention and Visitor Bureau CFO pleads guilty
  • Ranking services revise standards risking non-profit' ability to raise donations
  • Detailed analysis of malpractice claims of non-profit engagements
  • 11 questions to assess non-profit risk
  • How a fake charity stole millions
  • Firm quality control requirements
  • Risks of profit incentives in non-profit work
  • 3 ways to be indispensable at a non-profit
  • New survey details risks of being a non-profit board member
  • Broker stole $50 million from non-profits and schools


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