Healthcare Update: 10 NEW Risks to CPAs and Controllers Webinar


April 17
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

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How to adjust internal controls and audit procedures for the latest health care industry rules and regulations.


Gary will show you 10 new laws, rules, regulations, and risks that require new controls and audit procedures...

  • What are the A&A implications of "natural" products
  • First CEO in prison for knowingly shipping contaminated food
  • Do you know when compensation is illegal
  • New Medicare requirement for 2nd opinion to get paid
  • FDA revokes license of lab valued at $9 billion
  • New Vermont law threatening entire food industry
  • Pharmacist sells illegal HIV drugs
  • Healthcare CFO steals $11 million
  • Should you use medical tourism to reduce health care costs
  • Pros and cons of paying employees to opt out of insurance


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