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Not-for-Profit Certificate I: Tax Compliance Track


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If you completed Not-for-Profit Certificate I, then the credits for this track would be considered duplicates and not count toward your 80 credit hour requirement.

Gain an overview of tax and compliance requirements that apply to tax-exempt, not-for-profit entities. Identify federal and state filing requirements, including the IRS Form 990 series of returns, state sales tax exemptions, and charitable registrations. Recall when a tax-exempt organization may be subject to unrelated business income taxes (UBIT) and indentify the applicable filing requirement. There are five courses in this certificate program.


  • Basic compliance requirements of various types of tax-exempt organizations
  • Federal and state filing requirements, including the IRS Form 990 series of returns, state sales tax exemptions, and charitable registrations 
  • Structure and core components of Form 990 and related schedules
  • Uunrelated business income taxes (UBIT)
  • Unique compliance requirements and restrictions related to private foundations

Who will benefit from this certificate?

  • CPA and non-CPA staff at small to mid-sized firms who perform not-for-profit financial reporting engagements, including partners and managers at these firms who wish to enter the not-for-profit industry and need a basic understanding of the sector.
  • Board members and financial or non-financial staff members at not-for-profit organizations who are new to not-for-profits or who wish to expand on their understanding of the fundamental financial management issues that are unique to not-for-profits.

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