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Not-for-Profit Certificate I: Governance and Assurance Track


CPE Credits
3-A&A; 8-Other



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If you completed Not-for-Profit Certificate I, then the credits for this track would be considered duplicates and not count toward your 80 credit hour requirement.

Get a foundation in board governance, auditing, and the financial oversight of not-for-profit entities, with a focus on governance practices, risk management, internal control, and audit planning and preparation.


  • The roles and responsibilities that are typically assumed by a not-for-profit governing body and management
  • Common risks faced by not-for-profits and the enterprise risk management framework to identify and manage those risks 
  • How to apply internal control concepts within the reporting environment and governance structure
  • Techniques used to interpret financial statements, prepare a budget, and measure performance
  • Key steps to planning an audit and the basic documentation and procedures performed by independent auditors
  • Recognize and effectively respond to common fraud risks in not-for-profits

Who will benefit from this certificate?

  • CPA and accounting staff at small to midsize firms who perform not-for-profit financial reporting engagements, including partners and managers at these firms who wish to enter the not-for-profit industry and need a basic understanding of the sector.
  • Board members and financial or nonfinancial staff members at not-for-profit organizations who are new to not-for-profits or who wish to expand on their understanding of the fundamental financial management issues that are unique to them.

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