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Personal Financial Planning Update: Investments Webinar


Aug. 20
1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

CPE Credits



PICPA Member: $79 | Nonmember: $104

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Course No.
Knowledge or experience in basic investing.


  • Determine how to assess a client's risk tolerance and manage expectations by understanding risk/return relationships.
  • Determine how to assess world market conditions
  • Identify why clients invest the way they do.
  • Determine which investment vehicles to use in varying situations.
  • Determine how to build an investment portfolio.


Focus on how CPAs can read world events, the issues that have not been anticipated rocking the markets, the current political climate and ways to identify changes in the investment markets.

Consider the following questions during this course:

  • How does one take stock in a world that is not secure?
  • With new market heights attained often and unexpected events occurring on a regular basis, how does one feel comfortable with an investment strategy?
  • Where are investments headed in an economy—to some—on borrowed time?

Learn how to solidify an appropriate investment strategy based on risk; help clients stay on top of these potential life-altering situations; and how to help clients understand the intricacies of investment planning. Gain a better understanding of investment markets, the effects of world events, assessing client risk and matching to expected return, dealing with increasing client concerns and developing better investment solutions to a rapidly changing environment.

Formerly titled: Personal Financial Planning Update: Investment Update

Materials are provided as an ebook.


Jeffrey H. Rattiner, CPA, CFP, MBA, is president and CEO of The JR Financial Group, Inc., an income tax, financial planning, consulting and training holding company. His Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track™, Inc., is a nationally recognized boot camp for CPAs and other financial services professionals interested in becoming Cerified Financial Planner. His investment advisory practice, Rattiner Asset Management, Inc. (RAM) practices money management through asset allocation for consumers nationwide.   Web site: <A  HREF="TARGET="main"></A>"

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