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Adding Personal Financial Planning Services to Your CPA Practice Webinar


Oct. 16
1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

CPE Credits



PICPA Member: $79 | Nonmember: $104

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  • Identify the factors necessary in determining whether it pays to add personal financial planning services to your practice.
  • Determine the prerequisites in each area of personal financial planning.
  • Determine how to set up, market and employ technology in a financial planning practice.
  • Identify licensing and regulatory requirements necessary to operate in this environment.


Financial Planning Opportunities are presenting themselves more often than ever. That's because clients need to be smarter in managing the effects of securing suffucient resources to last for a more comprehesive, healthier, and longer lifespan! Clients are focusing on achieving long-term goals to provide for a prepared tomorrow and seek a one-stop shop that addresses financial concerns.

Is it time to begin adding personal financial planning services to your existing practice? Should you set up a separate entity? Should you engage others as affiliates, associates, or business partners? Gain the necessary skills to assess whether adding these services makes sense. This course examines the benefits and potential pitfalls of creating this type of entity; the skills of how to develop the appropriate infrastructure; and the appropriate type of entity and licensing requirements.

Take a look at associating with appropriate financial services companies and professionals, staffing, technology, networking and other features of launching this new service, as well as the six steps of the financial planning process and how to apply them to each planning discipline.

Materials are provided as an ebook.


Jeffrey H. Rattiner, CPA, CFP, MBA, is president and CEO of The JR Financial Group, Inc., an income tax, financial planning, consulting and training holding company. His Rattiner’s Financial Planning Fast Track™, Inc., is a nationally recognized boot camp for CPAs and other financial services professionals interested in becoming Cerified Financial Planner. His investment advisory practice, Rattiner Asset Management, Inc. (RAM) practices money management through asset allocation for consumers nationwide.   Web site: <A  HREF="TARGET="main"></A>"

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