Data Analytics Toolkit – Tools and Applications Webinar
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Data Analytics Toolkit – Tools and Applications Webinar


Oct. 4
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

CPE Credits
1-A&A; 1-Other



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There is no shortage of data, but relatively few organizations have an environment and process to isolate, capture, analyze, and convert data into actionable information. Too often, we collect as much data as possible, continue to use historic measurements, and communicate data using traditional vehicles. Good decisions are not the result of the amount of data gathered, but of the quality and understanding of the information. The goal of this program is to explore a number of analytical tools and techniques and identify applications for them within an organization. Analytical techniques will be introduced throughout the discussion, and a significant amount of time will be spent addressing the steps needed to establish a data-driven environment and identifying and discussing potential/specific applications. In this way, participants get experience they can begin to use in their organizations. An expanded list of reference books and next level software is also provided.


  • Definition of Data Analytics
  • Assessing your organization’s current status and establishing an environment for success
  • Financial staff’s core activities
  • Common uses of analytics and current examples
  • Behavioral forces that impact decisions
  • Examples of inaccurate forecasts
  •  Identifying strategic measurements (KPIs)
  • Improving budgeting and forecasting and addressing Black Swan events
  • Collecting and using data from traditional and non-traditional data sources
  • Statistical tools, including Median, Mode, Moving average, Ratio analysis, Pareto analysis, Rolling forecast, Mission-based budgeting, Trend analysis, Regression, Z-Score (public and private organizations), and Simulation
  • Analytical techniques, including Brainstorming, Mind mapping, and Delphi technique
  • Software tools that are readily available and can assist in visually exploring data; expanding the scope of available data, as well as collecting, analyzing and presenting results (including Dashboards).
  • Specific ideas for using Data Analytics, including immediate opportunities and areas for further consideration
  • Expanded lists of readings and next level software for a participants’ future reference


Anthony C. LaRusso, BA, MBA, CMA
Naples, FL

Tony has over 30 years of experience in industrial and service organizations. During his career he has held senior level management, operating and staff positions, including as President of companies with annual sales of $500 million, consisting of domestic and international facilities. Tony has also held senior level positions in finance, planning and business development, as well as being a Board member in start-up companies. Prior to retiring, during 2003, he was the President of a major division in an international company.

Tony had been an Adjunct Professor of Management for 20 years and has written numerous articles on a variety of business topics. He is a member of several professional organizations, has spoken at Annual Meetings, programs at universities and served as an officer in trade associations. Tony also has had two books published:  Management: Ready Aim Fire (2005) and Practical Financial Decision Making (2011). His biography is included in several publications by Who’s Who.

In addition, since retiring from full-time employment, he has lectured in 35 states including at major corporations, conducted consulting activities and managed real estate investments for a family company. Tony has developed and written courses for the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), was a reviewer for a new book and authored an article How to Avoid Tunnel Vision.


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