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Cyber Hygiene: Protecting Yourself and Your Business (PICPA Annual Meeting)


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If you attended this session at the PICPA Annual Meeting on June 4, 2018 this course is considered a duplicate. The State Board of Accountancy will not accept credits for the same course twice.


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Learn to identify the exposure to cyber threats and how to establish the foundational steps necessary to mitigate exposure.

Hear Jacob Lehmann and William Mendez cover the following:

  • Latest headlines in cyber security
  • What hackers are looking for
  • How bad actors are attaching companies
  • What hackers look like


Jacob Lehmann

Managing Director
Friedman CyZen LLC

Jacob Lehmann is the Managing Director of Friedman CyZen LLC. For more than 10 years, he has spearheaded pro-active, innovative and custom-tailored solutions that help safeguard clients from cyber security risks. Friedman Cyzen LLC is a wholly owned company of Friedman LLP.

Jake approaches each client engagement through a people-centric lens, bringing deep-rooted service, industry knowledge and a passion for delivering excellence. He has helped clients target and remediate
security vulnerabilities including IT misconfigurations, exploitable systems, open source intelligence and information leaks. His toolbox of technical services include cyber defense, vulnerability/risk assessments, penetration testing, architectural reviews, cyber security training, open source intelligence and spear phishing simulations.

Jake has led engagements spanning small and medium businesses and high-net-worth individuals to big enterprise-level engagements as well as successful start-ups. His extensive industry experience
includes work with telecommunications, technology, energy, banking and finance, healthcare, legal, retail, manufacturing, government and pharmaceutical organizations.

Jake’s expertise includes:

  • Quantifying and remediating clients’ cyber risks
  • Enforcing industry best-practices in clients’ systems and networks
  • Innovating cutting-edge cyber programs
  • Navigating clients through evolving regulatory requirements
  • Conducting technical cyber services including ethical hacking
  • Advising clients on enhancing IT/cyber controls
  • Spearheading technical engagements
  • Managing high-profile cyber security cases
  • Strategizing clients' business development including cyber talent recruitment, training, quality assurance and building successful security teams

As a cyber-security thought leader, Jake has led numerous internal
client awareness trainings and presented during educational retreats.

Jake received his Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology with a concentration in Network Administration from SUNY Morrisville.

When Jake isn’t combatting cyber-attacks, you can find him globetrotting with his wife, deep-sea diving with sharks, or spending quality time with his four-legged friend, Chloe the pug.

William Mendez
Friedman CyZen LLP

Will combines a personalized approach with his tactical experience as a former Information System Security Specialist at the Department of Defense to provide expert, result-driven client services. As an innovator, he has developed proprietary government tools to aid warfighters in the tactical environment. This includes helping to devise the Army’s Universal Purge Tool used throughout the Army to sanitize classified hard drives and media. Will provides clients with comprehensive cyber security diagnostics that identify vulnerabilities, risks and security gaps. He develops custom-tailored solutions that improve the security and resiliency of clients’ systems and networks.

Will delivers a broad spectrum of services for entities ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations in the finance, real estate, nonprofit, education and energy sectors. His specialties include network security architectural reviews and vulnerability assessments, with experience leading a task force of technical cyber security experts.

Will’s expertise includes:

Providing network security architectural reviews and vulnerability assessments
Leading a team of technical experts to assess security postures
Assisting with the design, development and implementation of security mechanisms for protecting complex information systems
Promoting quality assurance industry best-practices in clients’ systems and networks
Conducting network architectural security reviews to identify current and future vulnerabilities
Performing functional and vulnerability assessments of information assurance products including firewalls and intrusion detection devices
As a thought leader in the cyber security space, Will co-authored a whitepaper on security threats to schools, grades kindergarten through twelfth. He has also led internal client awareness trainings and presented during educational retreats.

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2)
Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
United States Marine Corps Reserve (July 1988 – December 1995)


January 2018

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